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Postdoctoral researcher Carolin Ahlivk-Harju did a interview-study in the beginning of year 2019, which is published in Swedish in The study was due to a child falling ill in measles and a risk of an epidemic was actualized in Pietarsaari-region. From the study, it is evident most people tries to take distance to the choosing weather to vaccinate or not, being related to values, beliefs and faith.

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Acclaimed cognitive scientist Professor Stephan Lewandowsky from the University of Bristol will give a public lecture on the topic:


“Public acceptance of science in a post-truth world”


on Monday, May 13th at 10:15-12 in PHA1, PharmaCity (Itäinen pitkäkatu 4B, 1st floor), University of Turku, Turku.

In his research, Professor Stephan Lewandowsky examines the persistence of misinformation in society, and how myths and misinformation can spread. He has become particularly interested in the variables that determine whether or not people accept scientific evidence, for example surrounding vaccinations or climate science ( More information can be found on Professor Stephan Lewandowsky’s homepage at

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