The factorial structure of the Hong Psychological Reactance Scale in two Finnish samples.

Waris, O., Karlsson, L., Antfolk, J., Karlsson, L., Karlsson, H. & Soveri, A. (2020). Nordic Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/19012276.2020.1800508

Trait reactance and trust in doctors as predictors of vaccination behavior, vaccine attitudes, and use of complementary and alternative medicine in parents of young children.

Soveri, A., Karlsson, L.C., Mäki, O., Antfolk, J., Waris, O., Karlsson, H., Karlsson L., Lindfelt M., Lewandowsky, S.

Kampen om hälsan – vacciner och kunskapskultur
Mikael Lindfelt discusses different views on health in his column in Ikaros journal.

Anna Soveri discusses different reasons to resist or to be hesitant towards vaccines in her article  in Ikaros journal.

Review publications

The association between vaccination confidence, vaccination behavior, and willingness to recommend vaccines among Finnish healthcare workers
Linda Karlsson, et al, October 2019

“Föräldrars vaccinattityder som existentiella narrativ: En kvalitativ livsåskådningsstudie om mässlingsfallet i Larsmo”. Teologinen Aikakauskirja 4/2019 (124. vuosikerta).
Carolin Ahlvik-Harju
Abstract Based on a small qualitative empirical study, this article explores in what sense parents’ vaccine attitudes can be understood as existential narratives. My main argument is based on the idea that by studying vaccine attitudes as existential narratives, one can increase the understanding of vaccine attitudes in general, but also of meaning-making aspects of life – such as parenthood. I argue this to be a unique perspective on vaccine attitudes and vaccine behavior that also reveals the larger context surrounding questions related to vaccine choices.